Selfish Act I

by Only Fumes & Corpses

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Only Fumes & Corpses - Selfish Act I

Selfish Act

How can you see the world through your disguise? It’s taken us so long to make this what it is. We can’t bow out like this!

Lost Generation
Our world doesn’t look like this. You don’t belong here. Towering above our heads. A bridge to nowhere. There’s no way back. This road goes nowhere. Just don’t look back. Millions of empty buildings. Regeneration, degeneration. Lost generation.

He once smiled, he once listed. He once knew what not and what to say. Senses stolen by his own thoughts blended into selfish acts he cannot see. Tried it all before, done it all. This is how it ends. It’s what it is.

Towers Fall
I’ll not pretend it’s all ok just so you can feel alright. You’re not alright. Cross that line when we come to it and it won’t take long at all to take back what’s rightly ours while watching towers fall. We’ll watch your towers fall.

Won't Come Back
For those few moments I'd do it again. Keep going back. Now I look down on you with all my wrath. I'll take it back. Never look back.

Full Circle
Where to now, that it’s all gone. A last grasp at a dream. All in tatters just time to think. We can’t bring this back. It’s all the same, as yesterday, last month, for fucking years.

From The Start
Let’s ride this cliché to the bitter end. Sad result for a dear friend. Papering over cracks. Still stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes good things fall apart. Let’s build something better. Let’s do it from the start.

Smile Forever
As the sun sets the mind starts to digest. The things we let into our heads will last forever. A corpse dried to leather will smile forever. I want to smile forever.

We Were Heroes
Stood by the sea and thought of home for some time. Counting the days. Halfway. Now we return. Meeting old and new. The waves crashed, we avoided it all for some time. Sun sets one last time. We were heroes to others, all companions.

I will not let you bring me down. Excuses, reasons so generic. Self pity, enough! Just one of those things I need every day to see me through. We need every day to see us through.

The Lush (Part 1)
I embrace this affliction with a broken heart. From boredom to comfort, to what I need to function. I take these yearnings in my stride. We take these yearnings in our stride. This sickening feeling tells me that I’m still alive. It never lets me feel alone.

The Lush (Part 2)
I embrace this addiction with open arms. Comfort like nothing else. Seconds, minutes, hours, fucking days. There’s nothing to regret. Stand up to the test, not lose my way. Time and time again.


released July 4, 2012

Recorded by Ciarán Parnell



all rights reserved


Only Fumes & Corpses Ireland

Hardcore Punk band based in Galway, Ireland

Andrew - Guitars
Benny - Drums
Daniel - Guitars/Vocals
Denis - Bass/Vocals
Momme - Vocals

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